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D’las International

Our Story

Taking our country's pride to a new level with natural beauty care products and reaching out globally. This is all about us...

D’las International Pvt. Ltd. is a proud member of the HDDES Group of companies, which has been a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying Organic Spices, Essential Oils, Tea Extracts, Virgin Coconut-based, Oleoresins, Herbs, Medicinal Plant Extracts, Dehydrates, and Organic raw materials for over four decades.

HDDES Group of Companies has professionally pioneered the conversion of organic raw materials into a variety of products marketed by our subsidiary companies using the experience gained over the years, observing and understanding the new trends that emerge in the market on a timely basis. The company’s advanced technologies and innovative ideas have propelled it to a global presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia making the motherland proud.

D’Las International Pvt.Ltd is brought the seminal moment to the local market where we proudly introduced Fine fragrances, Aromatic Oils, Aromatic Diffuser Oils, Aromatic Handmade Soaps, Shampoos, Body Lotions, Conditioners, Shower Gels, Aromatic Incense Sticks, and Linen Fragrances to our customers. The uniqueness of our products lies within the finest ingredients, superiority, high quality, reliability, and ability to make tailor-made fine fragrances and cosmetics according to customer desires, which we believe is a perfect gift for our nature-loving customers.

D’Las International Pvt. Ltd is proud to be the first organization in the country to hold the “COSMOS Organic” certificate for our products. We adhere to eco-friendly greener concepts, and more than 80% of the raw materials used in our facilities are derived from organic or natural sources. Furthermore, we follow fair trading, ethical practices, ensuring a cruelty-free production process with no animal testing or child labor.

Our stakeholders are one of the main pillars that help us succeed on our journey, and we believe that working closely with them is a win-win situation. In terms of CSR activities, the organization has carried out a wide range of CSR activities in order to uplift the general public and improve their well-being.

Our Core Values underpin everything we do

Grow with Values

Integrity - In all of our actions, we are genuine, ethical, transparent and fair.

Innovative - To be always one step ahead by creating new products to our customers.

Responsibility - We are responsible, and we always do the right thing in all that we do.

Quality - Our pride is in our quality. We do best in what we do.

Sustainability - In all of our activities, we focus heavily on environmental stewardship and ethical behavior.

Fair Trade - We collaborate closely and ethically with our stakeholders to better serve everyone.

Empowerment - We are committed to uplifting and bettering the lives of our stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibilities