Unsere Commitments

Our commitments are primarily focused on supporting the well-being of the plant, the people, and the products we manufacture.

Enriching the Planet

The planet we all live on today is the most beautiful place we all share. However, it is currently in grave danger as a result of our actions. We are a plant-based company and, our products are primarily- made from natural plants, flowers, and fruits, so we are inextricably linked to nature.

As a result, we are actively focusing on enriching and assisting the protection of the biodiversity system. We, at D’Las, have continued to carry out many campaigns and activities aimed at enriching and supporting the planet.

Enriching the People

We appreciate our employees’ efforts and hard work over the years in supporting us to rise to the top as a successful company. We are a multicultural country, and we value and respect the beauty of our people’s uniqueness and upbringing. We work closely with our people, immense knowledge sharing and uplifting their lives and, we support our people to grow with us.

Our Products

“Quality is our pride” is always in our minds. We as a team always make sure to give the best products to our customers with superior quality, with the finest ingredients with safety.

Our entire production process, from ingredient sourcing, to the final product, is subjected to rigorous quality control to ensure an optimal finished product. We also use biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging in our products to support reducing the carbon footprint.